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New York Architecture

Prof. Ivan Shumkov FREE; Certificates $99, $149 CEU, $199 AIA; Tours: $99

Practices for Sustainable Design

Prof. Robert Fleming Philadelphia University FREE; Certificates $99, $149 CEU, $199 AIA. Tuition FREE; Certificates $99, $149 (CEU)

From Vision to Action

Prof. Tina Doerffer, OOAc FREE; Certificates $99, $149 CEU, $199 AIA

Contemporary Architecture

Prof. Ivan R. Shumkov PhD FREE; Certificates $99, $149 CEU, $199 AIA.
Fotografía y Arquitectura

Fotografía y Arquitectura

Prof. Jorge Latorre, Miguel de Guzman FREE; Certificates $99, $149 CEU, $199 AIA.

Modern Architecture

Prof. Ivan R. Shumkov PhD Tuition $49; Certificate FREE, $50 (CEU)

Frank Lloyd Wright and the 20th Century

Prof. John Lobell FREE; Certificates $99, $149 CEU, $199 AIA.

Introducción a la Cultura Visual: los fundamentos artísticos

Prof. Jorge Latorre PhD FREE; Certificates $99, $149 CEU, $199 AIA.

Understanding Contemporary Art

Prof. John David Ebert FREE; Certificates $99, $149 CEU

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