Our mission is to revolutionize the building industry by empowering people and companies to live and build better

Who we are


At Build Academy, we empower companies through our e-learning platform that delivers professional training for the building industry. We are a professional provider of continuing education approved by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) for the fields of architecture, engineering, real estate and construction.

What we do


We empower a global community of professionals and companies in the building industry, by providing an online platform for collaborating, learning and developing essential skills and knowledge to implement high-impact projects worldwide.

Our Team

Ivan Shumkov

Ivan Shumkov


Aline Montinari

Director of Community

Daniela Kuntz

Director of Programs

Carlos Franco

Director Portugal

Giuseppe Mazzaglia

Director Netherlands

Carlos Bautista

Director of Production

Ferdi Adorno

Director Italy

Afshan Bokhari

Director or Partnerships

Robert Voetsch

Director of Partnerships

Our Professors

Wisdom and Passion All Together
Arnold Rivera

John Lobell

Gabriel Calatrava

Gabriel Calatrava

Assistant Professor
Arnold Rivera

Kenneth Frampton

Emanuela Giudice

Emanuela Giudice

Assistant Professor
Robert Fleming

Robert Fleming

Illac Diz

Illac Angelo Diaz

Associate Professor

Board of Advisors

Wisdom, Vision and Innovation

Our Investors

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Teach at Build Academy. We are looking for talented professors to join our growing team. We are currently looking for professors who can teach online course in the following areas: Architecture, Civil Engineering, Real Estate, Construction, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship.

Work at Build Academy. We offer virtual or on-site NYC internships in the following areas: Web Design, Business Development, Marketing and Communications, Course Development, and Videographer. Please email us your CV and motivation letter to info@buildacademy.com