Crowdsolving Architecture

Crowdsolving is not a new concept. In 1714 this approach was successfully used to find a way (out of more than 100 submissions) to determine longitude at sea. Today, the European Union defines it as something that ‘enables individuals and organisations to engage...

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New York City’s 5 Most Iconic Architectural Landmarks

New York City has assembled some of the most visionary and distinctive architecture over the course of its long and storied history. From classical majesty of the Beaux Arts style and the classic New York Art Deco to the refined appeal of today’s modernist style, we will show you the eclectic beauty of the Big Apple. Here are five of the most iconic architectural landmarks.

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Architecture Tours Around Washington Square Park

Artists. Live jazz music. Street performers. Phd nerds. NYU students. Sunbathing tourists. A cemetery. Dog walking locals. A children’s playground. A battleground for chess aficionados. Open tango lessons. If it wasn’t for the skyscrapers surrounding Washington Square Park, one could have thought we were in Paris instead of New York.

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