Student learning architecture

Build Academy courses provide professionals and architecture and real estate enthusiasts with the essential tools to effectively address key core competency gaps, which positively impact their expertise and effectiveness.

Our comprehensive courses provide a unique project-based blended learning approach. Our online courses methodology includes video lectures (some in Virtual Reality by world class professors), integrated assessments, collaborative mini-projects, and discussion forums.

Our method engages participants throughout the course, which allows them to better understand and apply material.


Video lectures

Our video lectures are led by leading professors from prestigious institutions around the world. You will be taught by the finest on the newest most important topic areas.

We are integrating videos and texts into our courses because we find that they present in a good way to share knowledge and skills about the built environment. When we use real world project cases to teach concepts and skills.

Live sessions

Our live sessions allow our students to interact with one another to collaborate and share ideas. They work together on projects which enhances the overall learning experience and foster discussions. This aids in helping students better understand material and better apply the concepts in the workplace.

Assessments & Feedback

We provide constant assessments spanning over the course to track progress. We provide feedback to participants throughout. This helps them improve by learning from their mistakes and applying the constructive feedback that they receive. Build Academy also offers basic or official CPD and CEU certificates for the successful completion of the courses.

Our offer for companies

education options


Companies can choose whether course for their employees will be synchronous or asynchronous.
synchronous classes


Synchronous courses will have a specific start and end date, with several mini assignment deadlines along the way.
online classes delivery

Customized Delivery

Companies have the ability to customize courses with specific project and employee information.
asynchronous courses


Asynchronous courses allow employees to take courses at their leisure with no specific timeframe for completion.
online courses development


Our team of educational and industry experts constantly updates our core courses to be up to date with the latest skills, knowledge, processes, regulations, and procedures.
online learning measurement

Monitor & Measure

Companies have the ability to track employee’s performance and CEU compliance.

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