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Top Architecture Courses

Contemporary Architecture New york
Contemporary Architecture (1985-Now)
All Levels | Subtitles This course analyzes major contemporary architectural ideas, ideologies, and projects in the context of both globalization and specific local contexts.


Modern Architecture (1900-1945)
All Levels | Subtitles This online course traces the history of modern architecture from the point of view of its transformation under the influence of two major forces: the process of modernization and the development of ideology.


Frank Lloyd Wright and the 20th Century
All Levels | Subtitles This online course will look at Frank Lloyd Wright in the context of 20th century culture, and examine parallels between his work and that of other 20th century figures.


New York Architecture
All Levels | Subtitles Let’s analyze major architectural ideas and projects that shaped New York City. We will trace development of the city since its foundation in 1609 until today.


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Top Real Estate Courses

Real Estate Finance and Investment Drivers, Strategies and Valuation
All Levels | Subtitles This course sets the stage for the Real Estate Finance and Investment Program. It presents the overview for making professional real estate investment and development decisions.


Essential Financial Functions
All Levels | Subtitles This course teaches the fundamental building blocks of real estate finance. It is the foundation for all real estate investment analysis.


Setup for the First Stabilized Year of Operations
All Levels | Subtitles It is the starting point for all income property analysis and covers all of the topics that one must understand in order to develop a sophisticated pro forma financial analysis.


Real Estate Investment Analysis Excel Skills A
All Levels | Subtitles This course is the first of three that teach you how to use Excel to analyze income property. Throughout the courses, we use Brookside Square as a case study.


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Substainable and Resilient Design

Sustainable Architecture and Design

All levels | Subtitles This program explores the context, motivations, frameworks and perspectives necessary to build a deeper understanding of sustainability and to form a solid foundation for sustainable design and put it into practice. A close reading of the first and second invisible hands of wealth will be presented in order to reveal sustainability as a powerful motivation for action towards a sustainable future. A number of frameworks including the Quadruple Bottom Line and Integral Sustainable Design will be studied in order to organize those actions into holistic relationships. The program takes a deeper look at the state of energy and environmental systems and their impacts.

2 courses

Real Estate Finance and Investment Program

All levels | Subtitles The Real Estate Finance and Investment Program is designed to give you the essential skills you need to evaluate investments in income property – apartments, shopping centers, office buildings, industrial buildings, and hotels. Whether you are an investor, developer, buyer, seller, broker, appraiser, or service provider, you need to know how sophisticated real estate practitioners perform financial analysis to make decisions.

8 courses

Real Estate Finance and Investment Program
Modern and Contemporary Architecture

Modern and Contemporary Architecture

All levels | Subtitles This online program traces the history of modern and contemporary architecture from the early 20th century until today. We explore the transformation of architecture and cities under the influence of two major forces: the process of modernization and the development of ideology. We discuss the theories, buildings, landscapes and projects, which have significantly impacted architectural culture. Understanding the architecture of the past gives students a focused historical lens through which to consider contemporary architectural problems.

5 courses


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