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Building Solar Lights

The goal of this online course is to generate designs for cost-effective sustainable solar lights for people living in underdeveloped areas where there is no affordable solution to get lights. The participants in this course will design and easy to build lights, which will be implemented by Liter of Light and partnering organizations.

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Enterprise Products


Combine research, education, design, and implementation to solve real-world problems and create positive impact.

Project Alignment

Align all stakeholders of large-scale building and infrastructure projects with the essential skills and knowledge.


Case Studies

Highlight specific design and building processes from beginning to end, featuring innovative methodologies and products.

Our Solution


Currently, 90% of the world lacks quality buildings and infrastructure. As living conditions degrade, while population, migration and the effects of climate change grow exponentially, our society urgently needs to build better. Most of the world’s construction occurs in places where professionals and companies lack essential skills to design and build the sustainable and resilient projects that are urgently needed today. Therefore, more than 6 billion people are now living in substandard conditions, and this can cost lives.


We provide professional education to professionals, companies and governments, which helps them solve the problems of the built environment by designing and building better projects more effectively and efficiently. Companies reach the next level by increasing the talent of employees through better skills and knowledge.

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We empower a global community of professionals and companies in the building industry, by providing an online platform for collaborating, learning and developing essential skills and knowledge to implement high-impact projects worldwide.

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“Many thanks to all who so generously gave of their time and talent – I met wonderful human beings and learned so much.”

Cherie F., Switzerland

Global Leader, Ernst & Young

“I am so happy for participating in this project, and wish to join future courses and will tell my friends about this wonderful experience.”

Charanya, India


“Many thanks for helping to make our dreams come possible. Now I know what it means that a stranger is just a friend you don’t know.“

Molly J, Namibia

School Teacher

“Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity of participating in this amazing project! It was an incredible experience I will cherish all my life.”

Amanda J. Honduras


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