Team KZ Architecture (USA)

The dwelling proposed by KZ Architecture is fabricated in its majority out of bamboo, a low cost, highly sustainable and renewable building material, widely available worldwide, lightweight, durable, flexible, easily cultivated and harvested. Its quick growth and easy handling make it an ideal material for beautiful low-cost housing.

Local Context: 
The positioning of the dwelling should be placed with the 22.5-degree side of the roof facing south for optimum sun exposure. Bamboo planting can reduce soil erosion, restore depleted lands, and provide economic opportunities. It also performs well in hot and humid climates.

A guadua bamboo framed structure rests on 9 concrete piers and is elevated off the ground for maximum resilience in areas of flooding. The bamboo frame is naturally a flexible structure, great in both tensile and compressive strength. With reinforced joints, the seismic resistant structure can sustain hurricane winds.

Construction Process & Ease:
The construction should be contract driven unless the owner has experience with the treatment process and joining methods of bamboo. Once taught, all future construction phases can be owner driven. Apart from the bamboo frame, the construction follows traditional methods.

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