Real Estate Finance and Investment Program

You will learn core competencies to accomplish the following:

  • Identify where & when to anticipate real estate investment or real estate development opportunities
  • Determine which opportunities are best suited to your investment objectives and preferred business model
  • Construct dynamic excel models to predict the investment’s financial performance from the first year of operations through the eventual sale of the property
  • Test the property’s ability to withstand changes in the market
  • Recommend investment strategies that will be convincing to investment committees, lenders, and equity investors

Program Introduction

The Real Estate Finance and Investment Program is designed to give you the essential skills you need to evaluate investments in income property – apartments, shopping centers, office buildings, industrial buildings, and hotels. Whether you are an investor, developer, buyer, seller, broker, appraiser, or service provider, you need to know how sophisticated real estate practitioners perform financial analysis to make decisions. This course is intended for real estate professionals and students who want to learn the business. It teaches the essential set of skills including the core financial functions, the financial setup, Discounted Cash Flow Analysis and how to use them to make well-informed investment decisions.

The program is divided into eight courses that take you through the entire process of financial analysis step-by-step. These courses follow two parallel tracks: one for understanding the theory, set-up and computation, and two, for learning how to use Excel to do the analysis. You will receive a set of Excel spreadsheets, including worksheets and solutions. You will learn how to use Excel to evaluate a real-world case study and how to adapt the Excel spreadsheets to your own investments.