Team BAM-S

Scenario 3: Bangladesh (Ranigaon) Hot summers with areas with heavy rainfall

The BAM-S House is designed to be the new contermporary vernacular architecture to face the wide range of climate change effects that has hit Bangladesh increasingly. It‘s typology is based on the Stilt House adressing contemporary design and structural reinforcement. It allows high quality of scalability, expandability and community aggregation. It’s ease to built and can be replicable in other rural or urban contests. Its construction phases are adapted to different uses and target people.The owner driven contruction approach associated with the ODS#1make it economically feasible, it saved around 30% of total budget. Bamboo is the material that makes possible to converge all needs into a single choice. The BAM-S House is much more than a resilient house, it’s smart. The energy efficiency of the building are present in all of it’s aspects and sustainaibility go beyoung the building itself.

Team: Santiago Caprio, Claudia Azzolin, Marco Asciutti, Romarie Gonzalez, Andrea Galli, Samar Elsayed, Ivo Kieling, Alex Pedretti, Luiza Macedo, Thiago Farias