Scenario 3: Mekong Delta, Vietnam – Huge and increasing threat of flooding, storms, and climate change

Maru Ichi is a sustainable and resilient community village model for low-income inhabitants in flood zones of the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. Aside from its ability to withstand flood and storm, each house of Maru Ichi is a versatile cell that can also mobilize and connect with each other. Linked by open corridors, these cells aim to form a green and sustainable community village where residents can easily trade their goods & services, and share their daily lives with everyone in the community.

Maru Ichi uses low-cost and readily available local materials. Each house comes with a solar panel and water and sewage filter systems. It does not only provide flood zone inhabitants safe, highly-functional, inexpensive living space and green, sustainable communities; but also offers a practical solution to Mekong River pollution.It also creates great opportunities for eco-tourism, which will leverage the residents’ income as well as the dynamics of these community villages.

Team: Anh Tuan Ho Van, Diệu Liên To, Phương Anh Nguyen

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