Asia Society Exhibit – San Fransisco

Asia Society San Fransisco

This ASNC event took place concurrent to the Resilience by Design exhibition at the UN, coordinated by Illac Diaz and Ivan Shumkov (NY-based architect, professor, scholar and curator). By showcasing the prize-winning designs from the recent Resilience by Design competition, the presentation will show possible solutions among many others to the problems described.

Approximately a year after Typhoon Haiyan, this program offers an opportunity to re-assess the storm’s impact, and more broadly, look at how new resilient designs and practical, on-the-ground solutions can help displaced communities “build back better.” How are Asia’s cities, especially the poorest communities, rebuilding after being impacted by natural disasters and various devastations? What is being done about them, and, in particular, what is the new revolution for resilient and replicable DIY (do it yourself) architecture? This new way of looking at architecture and design not only improves outcomes and recovery time in post-disaster situations, but also empowers locals to build with locally available materials and available technology.

Asia Society Exhibit
Asia Society Exhibit
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