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Scenario 3: Kelantan, a state located in the East Coast of Malaysia, experiences intense recurring monsoon season at the end of every year.

The design focuses on the flood-affected victims. How can we ease their flood survival efforts from inception to post-flood for years and years to come? Our solution simplifies the process down to just the palm of their hands – via mobile application.

Flood victims are able to purchase their resilient homes via mobile app based on their financial and physical capacities. Manufacturing the design in modules enables this intention to follow through and prolong its significance with high expandibility, scalability and sustainability nature.

With the flood and storm resilient design it possesses, the resilient home is able to increase the chances of survival for the victims and their belongings through its ability to float. This amphibious feature is what carries its branding – the Apung House (Floating house).

Part of the factor in resilient designs often neglected is Social Resilience. Handing in the power of choice to the flood victims to select their home is the very first important step towards resilient architecture because although builtform executes the work, it all started from a healthy and worry-free mind.

Team: Voon King Howe, Ong Yee Fei, Ahmad Farhan Izhan, Mohd Nurhuari Yahya, Nurin Mansoor

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