Project Alignment Programs

Project Alignment Programs allow large-scale building projects to align all stakeholders so everyone understands the overall goals, context, requirements, and process of the project as a whole.

Using our adaptable learning platform, Build Academy can produce, source, deliver, and measure training to help mitigate risks, improve collaboration, and reduce redundancy when on-boarding team members.

Effective delivery of appropriate training delivers a return on investment (ROI) through reducing project risks and delays, lowering the costs of inefficiency and error, and improving quality, and increasing reputation.n.

How it works


Follow project requirements through the entire project life-cycle

Educate all project stakeholders and employees on project methodology


Create specific training courses for different stakeholders and employees within the project

Collaborate better amongst other sub-industries within the built environment


Minimize risk through every stage of the project life cycle

Innovative technology solutions

Expertise in business change management

Specialize in complex infrastructure project management

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