Modern Architecture (1945-1985)


This Modern Architecture (1945-1985) course is part of the History and Theory of Modern program. It covers the history of architecture in from about 1940 to the 1990s, discussing the theories, buildings, landscapes and projects, which have significantly impacted architectural culture. The study of architectural history is an important component of the professional architecture studies and training. Architectural history is a humanistic and critical discipline based on visual observation, liberal research, and written analysis. As such, it complements the practical and conceptual projects of the design practice by surveying and analyzing historical precedents for design, investigating their meaning, and evaluating their usefulness as formal or programmatic models. Throughout history, architecture has vividly reflected the cultures in which it evolved and the social, economic, and geophysical conditions that shaped it. This relationship continues today; indeed, many issues with which architects are currently concerned can be considered outgrowths of previous historical developments. Studying the architecture of the past gives students a focused historical lens through which to consider contemporary architectural problems.
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