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Every single day, many of us have access to luxuries that we don’t even consider. We go through our days, just expecting for our lives to be made easy by innovations that we have always had access to. One of aspects of our lives that we hardly ever give a second thought to, is electricity. While we are able to watch television, charge our cellphones, make a meal on the stove, all with the lights on, there are over 1.7 billion people across the world who are living in darkness.

Build Academy has partnered with Liter of Light in providing an easy solar energy solution to All. Using only recycled bottles, access to common materials and local know-how, Liter of Light has been able to install more than 350,000 of these solar light in homes, businesses, and even on streets. At Build Academy, we are dedicated to helping to illuminate the everyday lives of those who live in these underdeveloped countries. And now, it’s your turn to join the cause!

About The Building Solar Lights Course

These days, it seems as though you can’t get anything for free. However, our mission at Build Academy is to use the intelligence and passion of those who are willing to give their time to make better lives for those who are not as fortunate. This is why we are offering a completely free Building Solar Light course online.

With this course, it is our goal to generate as many possible designs for cost-effective sustainable solar lights so that we can continue our mission to the best of our ability. With a myriad of designs, we can not only determine what the most sustainable method of lighting up underdeveloped countries is, but we can find the most affordable and effective method as well.

Those who participate in the course will work to make their own version of a light that can be easily made and used in places where access to electricity is slim or non-existent. By working alongside professional architects, engineers, social workers and more, it is our hope that a number of unprecedented light designs will be developed and available for use so that we can all better the world together.

What Does the Course Include & Who Is It Meant For?

The course itself is fairly flexible. For most participants, the course will only require 5-10 hours per week with the exception of designers who will more likely have to dedicate anywhere from 10-20 hours per week. In general the course is for anyone with a passion for philanthropy and a good amount of knowledge in the areas of architecture, engineering or sustainability.

Interested In Our Solar Lights Course?

If you are interested in taking our free course and bringing light to the lives of those who are in need, be sure to enroll today. Not only will you have the opportunity for your design to be featured on the Build Academy website, but the team with the best design will be able to display their design at the United Nations in New York City. Start your journey today and begin building a brighter tomorrow with Build Academy!


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